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In order to follow this guide, you will first need to be logged in to your Codex account

 On the Checkout page you will find four key sections: 

  • Contact Details
  • Delivery Details
  • Delivery Options
  • Review & Pay

The focus of this guide is Delivery Details

If there are any incorrect contact details, notify your account manager or get in touch with Customer Support.



The address you provided when setting up your account is the address that will automatically be populated in this section.

You can add alternative addresses by selecting +New Address, however this is only available if your Codex account authorises you to do this. If this function is not available on your account, simply contact your account manager or get in touch with Customer Support and request it be enabled.

Once it is enabled you may add new addresses for delivery.


You have two options for adding a new address:

  • Address / Eircode lookup
  • Manually entering your address

To enter your address manually simply click the dropdown arrow to expand the Delivery Details Section



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