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In order to follow this guide, you will first need to be logged in to your Codex account 

STEP 1:After adding an item(s) to your basket, navigate to the basket page by clicking on the basket icon in the left corner of the screen. Your basket preview will then appear.

STEP 2:Next, click the To Basket button and you will be brought to the Basket page.


STEP 3: 

On the Basket page you can review what item(s) you have added, adjust quantities, remove items and select Cost Centres. 

In order to save your basket, go to Basket Options and select Save Basket from the drop down menu. 


You will be asked to name your Saved Basket and be given the  options:

  • Save and close: This option will save your basket then restart a new shopping session.
  • Save and continue: This option will save your basket but leave the items in your current session and you may continue shopping or adding items to this basket.


Find all your Saved Baskets by clicking the My Account icon Icon

Description automatically generated in the top left corner of the screen, then select Ordering > Saved Baskets.

You will then be brought to the Saved Baskets page:
  • By clicking    you can load the basket or rename it. 
  • Delete a basket by clicking the bin icon 


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